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Wake Up is a biographical game about a person going through a period of depression.

Every time the players go to bed, they enter a dream world where memories are held. When players wake up, an item will appear in the bedroom regarding the dream you just had. The player will need to go through the dreams in order to uncover the story and discover the ending.

The concept of this game came from the idea of Sigmund Freud’s Interpretation of Dream and 'Impossible Space'. A dream is a series of random events, visuals, emotions and perceptions, it is almost impossible to make sense of it. But a dream is generated from the source of our daily life and deep desire. Impossible Space is a space that defies common sense and act against rules of the real world architecturally. The closest path to visualise an impossible space is through dreams.

This game is to introduce the player to a journey of impossible space through a dream that is driven by narrative.

Spotlight On: Herman Ho, MA Games Design – LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019


Install instructions

The game is design for 1920x1080, if you run the game with any other resolution, the button for the main menu will be shifted. You should still be able to find it by hovering around.

This is due to my poor structure of my menu. will fix it soon.


Wake_Up_ver.1.22.zip 817 MB
Wake_Up_ver.1.0.zip 817 MB

Development log


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First off, I loved it. It felt really personal and had a story to piece together. I liked the settings, the effects, and how they tied into what was going on. The beginning was solid, I loved the part where you followed the other character but couldn't keep up. It really set the mood and feeling of the game. The vanishing effect and school bell were cool touches and the way you let the player decide where to go gives a bit of mystery as to whether or not you've explored everything. For example, next to the stairwell room there's a white structure you can clip the camera through to see that looked really cool but we never get to go to! 

Some of the areas did remind me a bit too closely of levels/areas from The Beginner's Guide, a game I'd highly recommend playing as it's right up your alley. But keep in mind people online can be pretty mean if they think you're copying or using an idea without the original context. 

With stairs, use a plane or flat collider so the player camera can glide up and down smoothly. Also, don't use the Unity car model, it cheapened the look of the area and most people know where it's from. Plus, a futuristic car didn't make any sense there. I'd buy you a $10 car model in a heartbeat just so you didn't put the Unity car there hahah.

But great job and congrats man!! I hope to see more from you in the future! :)


Hey Adam!! Thank you very much for taking some of your pleasures time to play my game!!
First of all, about that structure you found from clipping through the plane, oh lord i thought i covered it up haha, i did not make that, it was a model i downloaded online and i use it for reference to build the stairs level. 

Secondly, my project actually took inspiration from The beginner's guide, Stanley P., and Superliminal. So i do admit that the house and floating island part are me trying to create the mood that Beginner's guide did. The stairs level i actually forgot about Beginner guide has that as well! I was inspired by the art, relativity by mc escher. But i guess it subconsciously get into my thought when i make the level. 

Thirdly, thanks for reminding me about these context that i should've mention, i did talk about it for my uni report but not here. 

And!...and the unity car hahahahaa. I will find a replacement for that!

At last, i wanted to thank you again for playing my game, and i would love to tell you that your game Penumbra was also one of the inspiration i take for making this project. Thanks for all the great comments and guidance you gave me before and i also wish to play more games from you in the future too!! :DDDD

want to try this out because I quite like the look of it but sadly it refuses to work for me I open the game and go to hit play and nothing happens and none of the other menu options work either. the only thing I could click on was that face in the bottom left hand corner.

Hey! Thanks for checking out my game. I apologize about that, I still have a problem with the main menu. The button are shifted if the game isn't run in 1920x1080 resolution. Try hovering your mouse around that area between the face and the playcreditquit text, it should allow you to clip into the game.


good game
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Queen faith  xD, thank you very much for playing, i hope you enjoy it!